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Making Kids Go On Rides


Ok, so my husband and I got into this huge argument last night over rides. Now before you say that this is silly let me make sure you understand. Up until now he has been the type of, “My son will try anything and everything!” Well when it comes ot rides he doesn’t want to “scare the little guy.”


I had to go on every ride in the parks at least once EVERY TRIP! I hated the Alien Encounter rides for years, I remember trying to skirt away from the ride and hope my father would forget. Do you remember this ride? Scary monster, smelt like oranges.  Ugly thing that looked like this:
But anyway, after a few years of tears, screams, and what to me seemed torture that I dreaded each trip something amazing happened… No no the change to Stitch, this occured a couple years later. I got USED to it. Then something even mor amazing happened… I liked it! I looked foreward to it! I even looked foreward to my dad and I arguing over wether or not we had ridden it yet that trip. I loved the smell of oranges in the entry way, maybe I’m the only one who could smell them I don’t know. But they were there! I shed a tear at it’s loss, and still do when I smell rotten chilli dogs instead of the sweet sugary oranges.

My point? Making a child try every ride isn’t going to scar them for life. If you contast me with, say my cousin, whose parents never did that you will see I enjoyed my trips a lot more. Where I did try the rides, and ended up liking them, they were allowed to wait until they felt ready. As a result my aunt didn’t get to ride anything and everything that COULD be scary they found a way out of. They didn’t get to enjoy their trip at all and then when they tried to make them try SOMETHING there was a crying fit.

I am not letting that be my son. He will be told he will try ALL RIDES YOU ARE TALL ENOUGH FOR. If he doesn’t like it the first time, then he’s done until he goes back.

Agree? Disagree?


Peace, Love, and Pixie Dust