Lost Children=Bad Parents? Since when?!

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So I got a book called Queens in the Kingdom. It’s a guide for gay and lesbians to Disney but I was interestedi n reading the compare and contrast and few things in the Odds and Ends section. I noticed a blurb, can’t really call it a chapter, about taking children. I will say that the rest of the book was interesting so far, but this part upset me some. There is one sentence in particular: “Because Disney parks are croded and bustlin and there’s tons of stuff to look at, it’s easy to lose a child (especially if you’re a bad parent).”

What? Ok I know I would have a heart attack if my son went missing, I mean I was hysterical when my husband moved him from the basinette to the crib and I didn’t realize it. But come on. A lot of parents lose kids. We were at a local theme park when my cousin and brother, three years old, took off at a run in the opposite direction. They managed to make it out of site and behind some rides. Needless to say both my parents and my aunt were super upset. I got left at DL. Well, I wandered over to the side to look at the flowers at the entrance and my mom thought I went with my dad over to get his pass and my dad thought I was with my mom… But I wasn’t gone lone. I sat down by the Pirates poster and then got dragged off and yelled at my mother.

I worked at a theme park too, and we had lost children a lot. They just dont understand to stay close to someone. I think the sentence should have ended without the comment, because someone loosing a child doesn’t make them a bad parents and that is what they are implying. It is a horrible and scary time, for both parent and child. That’s what the cast members are there for partially. To keep everyone happy and calm. I remember doing my rounds checking on the rides in my group with two four year old twins clinging to my leg. The rides were all right around each other, literally six or seven steps since they were kid rids, but the poor security guard couldn’t get them to go with him.

Anyways, I digress. It happens. I don’t see the point in making it sound like everyone who loses a child is automatically a bad parent. That’s like saying every parent who has had a kid roll off the couch is a bad parent. (Been there. Cried hysterically to my mother… who then had a good laugh with every other parent she worked with in CICU.) There are things that happen to almost everyone and a child taking off is one of them. And, if the place is crowded, you can loose sight of them.

Well that is my rant… Thanks for putting up with it!



Going to Disney

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Ah Disney. I was sitting here thinking about what all I need to buy before whisking my son off to DL in Decemeber. Yes you heard me, Decemeber. 12 months away. 12 long hard months of remaining in reality with only the occasional weekend escape to Aulani to drool and long even more for the castle that awaits me. But alas, he will be 18 months. A time of terror, more so then now when he rolls around and tries to excape to the stairs. God help me when he learns to crawl. (Baby gates are my friends. They are like mini baby cages. Awesome invention with a boy!)

I realized that I have more planning then ever ahead of me. Not only do I need to call in a couple months to use the points and get our room but I need to make sure hubby gets the time off and that I have my school work figured out. Will I work ahead vs waiting to start my class. I never felt like I had to do this much work in advance.

That’s probably because the last few times we have been to WDW.  I havn’t been to DL since… wow I think it was 2005. I remember cause I had just gotten my driver’s license a few months prior and my brother was still little. He had to go to the bathroom while we were in line with this hot college guy to ride Indiana Jones. So I had to ditch him. I rode three rides with that guy, we kept reminicing about how the park was when we were younger. I was so mad! But oh well. It was the last day too so I didn’t get my last ride in on Indiana Jones cause the park was closing. I’ll have to make up for that!

Anyways I just wanted to get a brief intro up. I will try to get at least one post on here a day about an article or really anything Disney related. I am on this Anti-Disney kick. That arguments are amusing to me and I have so many comments on them I’ll probably be posting about that some too.

So stick around! If you have a good article send me a message and let me know. You can contact me anytime!

Peace, Love, and Pixie Dust!