About The Aulani Princess

My name is Janice. I am currently stationed on Oahu with my husband. I am a stay at home mom and I love Disney. Unfortunatly for my husband, I also like to comment on the going ons of the company. So I figure to save him from boredom, and allow me to both comment on our plans for a trip and different things Disney wide, this would be the best option.

Currently, my resort of choice is Disney’s Aulani. It is literally five minutes from my house. Before consturction was finished, we would go down to the coves and swim. My son stayed there when he was three months old. I spent more time in the lazy river then anything else for those four days. What mattered was he loved it, minus getting splashed.

I have been going to Disney since I was born, literally. My first trip was to WDW at only a few months old. We got to the point where we would alternate, one year we would go to WDW and one we could to DL. I have grown from autographs to pins to pictures with characters and pins.

Now, come December when I make my first trip as a married woman to DL, I will have come full circle. My son, who will be 18 months by then, will be getting the autographs.Ā  If you need to contact me my email is Aulani_Princess@yahoo.com.

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