Healthy Habits


     Is it just me or are people REALLY over sensitive? Maybe I’m being ridiculious but I see nothing wrong with the images. Let me clairify, I think Snacker is A BIT far simply because little kids love fairies. Otherwise the others remind me of something out of Osmosis Jones. They are villians! Do people bitch and moan over other plus size villians? Let me remind you all before your bunched up panties get in the way.

Pink Pearl

Remember Pink Pearl? Ok so she was a lame villian in many ways, I never could get into her storylines. Anyway, she was part of the circus but wanted to take it over so she became a terrorist. Yea, makes sense huh. Either way, this is what Marvel came up with. Yes, Marvel! (And yes, this is prior to Disney buying them oh smart ones). Do you want to attack Marvel now? If you looking for more on her or how she got stabbed with her own ally and survived, check out her wikipedia.












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