The Adventurer’s Club, How I Miss Thee!

Who remembers The Adventurer’s Club? I mean it! I remember when I turned 18 this was one of the first stops on my birthday trip! I even went back to the room, grabbed my parents, and dragged them along because I loved it that much. I spent time counting down the days until I turned 21 so I could drink there. Then, my dreams were dashed away! They closed Pleasure Island, much to my sorrow, later on that same year that I could, legally, drink.

I remember loving it when Hathaway Browne would come out. Remember him? Aviator/ladies-man who used to make innuendos. I didn’t even mind the comments on my short skirt during on the Mask Room “shows”. I KNOW I wear short skirts, my husband KNOWS I wear short skirts, and after going to WDW almost every year for ten years I’m pretty sure the CMs KNOW I wear short skirts. (Not that I expect the CMs to remember me haha.) But you get the idea. But unlike in the parks where every now and then I feel like I might be being judged for how I dress, no one cared. I miss that. I missed being able to have a night life I can hop around to at the end of the day and be an adult! I mean, why else would I pack sexy panties? Just for my husband to oggle when we get back at 0500? Ok mainly but that’s beside the point!

It made me feel like Disney was more then just for kids. Now, I know this isn’t true and there are many things for adults to do. I don’t want to get hate mail over it! But sometimes after running between Pirates to drool over Jack Sparrow and the Haunted Mansion I just want a drink with adults.

Anyways, my pointless rant about it is over. Coming soon: Adventure’s At Aulani! Going to be heading there this weekend for Live! With Kelly, pin trading, and some time with hubby! Can’t wait to head to the bar… I mean restraunts…

Peace, Love, And Pixie Dust
The Aulani Princess


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