It’s been a while

So I have been finishing up finals and starting my next set of classes so I took a little time away. But that said I am back! I am can’t wait for some books to get here, I will be writing both reviews and comments on each chapter WITHOUT spoiling the content. Probably pick one story or item a section and talk about my thoughts.

The first book is The Dark Side of Disney by Leonard Kinsey. As the cover states it is about the unauthorized tips and tricks for WDW. I just couldn’t resist! First of all, sexy woman on the cover of a Disney book right away gets my attention. So I told my dear, loving husband that this was his gift to me for my birthday/Valentine’s Day/our anniversary which are all in a week of each other. (Note: He was a VERY good husband and brought me flowers and chocolate for all by my birthday. Still waiting on that since my ACTUAL birthdate isn’t until tomorrow.)

I have been semi-stalking his blog for a couple weeks now. I love the videos and writing style. The voice is very clear and it does feel like he is talking rather then writing. I am hoping the same holds true to his book. It will be the first of the books I read, once my 5-9 days of shipping pass. (DAMN YOUR SLOWNESS AMAZON!) If you would like to read his blog or find out more on the book Kinsey’s webpage is:

I will post the other two books later, though I will say this they are cast member accounts. That said, I don’t see the point in discussing too much about them right away when I won’t be reading them soon as they arrive.

That special place is for the Dark Side! 😛 Something about a book that includes a section on sex and drinking is perfect for the naughty girl in me! I will warn you in the posts that they are for the Dark Side book, as it will not be kid friendly and you should be advised of such. It obvious is not a family oriented book, but sometimes the adults need to have a little fun!

Peace, Love, And Pixie Dust!
The Aulani Princess


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