I Am Not An Drunk

I am not a drunk. This might sound disturbing and those of you who are used to my happy-happy joy-joy blogs this is a change. I am a bartender. I like to drink but not get drunk. You see I have a curse. That curse is my body burns through meds and alcohol like it’s nothing. There is a reason it takes about ten to fifteen shots to get me a good buzz. But that said, I have a child to think of so no, I don’t get drunk.

But I still like to drink. I like the taste and see nothing wrong with a glass of wine with dinner, or in my case an amber beer. So I got to thinking, what are the best places to catch a drink in DL and WDW. I was hoping for submissions that you don’t mind sharing, though I will be doing a little research into the matter myself.

Send all suggestions to aulani_princess@yahoo.com

Peace, Love, and Pixie Dust
The Aulani Princess


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